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God is Good!

It may be a bit cliquish but it’s true, sometimes life is not fair. Actually life can be really hurtful and not make sense. This is especially true when bad things happen to good people, people we love and care about. Then there’s the times when God’s own people find themselves in trouble and face […]

Come On In! The Waters Fine!

Come On In! The Waters Fine! Today, because of a lack of teaching, many Christians see water baptism as optional. Because of this, they not only disobey God’s command to do so but they miss out on its many benefits. Fear of water, pride, or embarrassment of messy hair, are but a few reasons which […]

Why Wait?

Why Wait? Without question one of the hardest things for most people anymore is waiting. Whether it’s in a grocery line, at a signal, or waiting for that elusive “check in the mail” we just don’t like to wait. It doesn’t help that we have fast paced lifestyles in a very fast paced world. Fast […]


IT HURTS SO GOOD!   Back in the day as “freestyle” skiers, my friends and I would occasionally go wilderness skiing. Typically this would consist of 5-6 hours of climbing up steep mountain terrain just to get the thrill of a 15-20 minute ride down. We did this to score untouched “virgin powder” on terrain […]