Pastor’s Corner (Page 3)

Internal Vs External

It’s sometimes hard to relate with people from different time periods, even one generation apart. With over a two thousand year period between the beginning of the New Testament Church and today it can seem very difficult to place us in their shoes. So why would we even want too? It’s important because they were […]

Rain? What Rain?

A few weeks ago three very brave men jumped into my car for a ride to the bowling alley. On the way there someone commented on the size of my car in regards to passengers. It’s true; my car isn’t very accommodating for anyone over four feet. So it was a little tight, okay, it […]

The Time is Right for the Harvest

Corrie Ten Boom a Holocaust survivor shares a powerful illustration about the timeliness of God’s loving care. The setting for the story was Nazi-occupied Holland where she and her family were experiencing trials while attempting to shelter Jews. In the midst of increasing danger and turmoil she said, “Papa, everything is getting too bad. If […]

True Wisdom

In our resent studies through the book of Acts we have seen the amazing works of the Holy Spirit through ordinary people such as ourselves. The encouragement we have through these historic accounts is that we can put these principles to use in our daily lives as well. One of the continuing themes we have […]