God is Good!

It may be a bit cliquish but it’s true, sometimes life is not fair. Actually life can be really hurtful and not make sense. This is especially true when bad things happen to good people, people we love and care about. Then there’s the times when God’s own people find themselves in trouble and face their trials in faith, praying, fasting, even begging God to heal or help and sometimes seemingly with little or no response. This too doesn’t make sense. We wonder (sometimes vocally) why doesn’t God help? We read about all the times He helped in the Bible, miracles, signs and wonders, are all part of History. So what’s up today? Doesn’t God hear, doesn’t he care? The answer to that is emphatically yes and yes. He does hear, he does care and He does answer. It’s just not always according to what we think should happen.

I have personally been dealing with circumstances that could easily leave you asking why. I have friends that are strong believers who are battling cancer and other devastating circumstances.  My good friend Ron Currington a very strong awesome man of God died recently from complications from Alzheimer’s Disease. He was known for his gift of encouragement as well as his passion for sharing his faith. He led many to the Lord. Why Lord?

Before Ron began losing his memory we talked about this very thing. I shared with him this prayer I came up with and we both agreed no matter what may happen in life, God is good. It’s a prayer I often go to when facing the unfairness of life.

Dear Lord, today I confess by faith that you are good and I thank you for your goodness toward me. No matter what may happen today whether I understand it or not doesn’t change the fact that you are good. I refuse to allow any circumstance, feeling, or lie of the Devil accuse your goodness to me. Let my speech and attitude give testimony of your goodness”.


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