“The Times They Are A Changin”

Back in the late sixties Bob Dylan sang, “the times they are a changing” and boy have they ever! Who would have ever thought back in Dylan’s day that same sex marriages and marijuana would be legalized? I for one in my ignorance would have laughed out loud if someone suggested such a thing. Today I wouldn’t laugh at all at the premise that in the not too distant future SSM will not be out of the norm in many main line evangelical churches. As of 2009 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has released its pastors to preside over same-gender marriages where they are not prohibited by civil law. In the same year ELCA approved a resolution to allow gays and lesbians in same-sex relationships to be ordained. Yes the times they are a changin.

No one wants to be labeled intolerant or unloving for their religious and moral convictions. Recently both a photographer and a baker have been in the news labeled as such because of their refusal to provide their service to a same sex wedding.

One reporter asked would Jesus bake the cake? And that’s a great question which deserves more than a knee jerk reaction. Christians surely don’t desire to appear unloving for that would not represent who Jesus was. He loved everyone, and was often found in the company of “sinners”. But his love didn’t do away with the Mosaic Law, Jesus observed and fulfilled the law in every aspect. Then for the sake of love, Jesus offered himself to the cross as an atoning sacrifice for law breakers.

No matter where one stands on Jesus baking the cake we must conclude he would have drawn the line at presiding over a marriage that would have broken the law . And isn’t that what this controversy is really about the legitimacy of same sex unions?

God is the source of clear defined doctrines on both marriage and divorce. Because the times are a changin it’s imperative we understand these doctrines so we will do as Jesus no matter what the cost.


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