Count Down to Eternity

I’m excited about the return of my friend Jay Zinn coming to teach here at New Song this November. Jay will be teaching an overview of the Book of Revelations with insight as to how current events tie into Revelation’s end time scenario. Our desire is that this seminar will not only stir interest in the Christian community but in the secular community as well. Believers and non-believers alike want to understand what the future holds nationally and internationally.  Hollywood and world religions have their view, but what does God say? We believe inviting people to come hear what the Bible says can be a first step to opening  eyes and hearts to Jesus.   

To be thoughly equipped for the teaching Jay suggests we read his recent Book Count Down To Eternity. The book is highly recommended by such respected theologians as Kevin J. Conner and James Feeney. This book lays a great foundation for what we’ll hear in November. Kevin said: “I was saved all over again reading some of Jay’s frightening pages on the end times!”  A quote from I-Zee Books says,

“After 43 years of study and teaching on End Time events, Dr. Zinn offers a fresh new perspective in his commentary on the book of Revelation. His conversational style and application to life, in the matter of having a grasp on what lies ahead, will explain why we’re seeing such radical changes on the world stage. Islam, Russia, Israel, and the clash of cultural/political ideologies are all part of the End Time plot unfolding before our eyes and aligning with the prophecies of the Bible. Whatever your view is on the Revelation, this book will challenge you to see eschatology in a whole new light”.

The date and times are;

 7-9pm November 6th.

9-11am, 12:30-2pm November 7th.

10-12am Sunday morning.


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