Sing! “A garment of praise for a spirit of despair” Isa.61:3

Not to be captain obvious or a downer here, but the truth is sooner or later we all face problems in life. If your breathing then you know what I’m saying is true. Whether its problems with marriages, finances, health, persecutions, problems with children, relatives, co-workers, or whatever, problems can wear a person down. This is true whether you’re a Christian or not. Yes, that’s right Christians have problems too! The good news is for Christians we are given promises from God that we can use to encourage ourselves and others.

The Apostles Peter and Paul had their share of troubles (to say the least), yet Paul said the Lord rescued me from them all (2Tim.3:11), and Peter said; the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials!(2Pet.2:9). In Psalm 34 King David sang the lyrics “a righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all”. I know, I know it would be easier to hear that a godly man never has problems but then most everyone would get saved just for the problem free life (if that was what you were told sorry for busting that bubble).

Although God has given us great and precious promises in regards to life’s troubles, the question I often hear is when and how will God move? Believe me I wish I had those answers. All I know is God is good and he is faithful and we are never to lose sight of that. In fact, in the mist of our troubles if we can shout and sing the virtues of His glorious name something called heaviness flees AWAY!

So no matter what, join with us and sing loudly into those problems this morning. You’ll feel better for Jesus is the King over all the earth!


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