Welcome to New Song’s website and thanks for stopping by. Our hope is this site will give you some insight to our ministries, beliefs, and philosophies.

New Song started in 1992 with 25 people together in a small living room. While a lot has changed over the years, many of the same values and principles that built New Song are still in place and continue to guide our church.

We believe church ought to be a relevant and meaningful place where you can meet with a community of believers for support and involvement in the purposes of God. Church at New Song is more than a religious service, it’s relational, where true lasting relationships are formed and ministry happens.

We have found that when people are looking for a church, God wants to be involved in the process. The Bible tells us that He is the one who builds the Church. If we will listen, He will speak as to where He would have you attend. The best Church in town is the Church of His choice. If you have never visited New Song we hope you will take the time to join us for a weekend service.

We hope that on this site you will find answers to questions you might have about God, life and church. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, it would be an honor to serve you anyway we can.